Special situations
and business crisis solutions

"Special Situations" means any crucial corporate evolutionary phase of an extraordinary nature, typical of, for example, moments of business growth, the transfer of property, even generational, of opening to new territories, also related to pathological situations that may sometimes compromise Ordinary business operations, requiring financial restructuring and corporate restructuring.

With reference to this department, DDP has acquired specific competences in the following areas:

  • in economic and financial planning by drafting budgets, business forecasts and business plans, also carrying out valuation processes of companies and businesses, as well as providing assistance to companies and law firms in corporate litigation as Ctp for the preparation of expertise and "quantum expertise"
  • in the definition and execution of business and financial restructuring projects (including corporate reorganization under Article 67 LF, debt restructuring agreements under Article 182 bis LF, and prior agreement with specialization in the so-called continuity and group agreements ), in the enhancement and financing of credit (NPL), in the setting up and preparation of tax transactions under art. 182 ter LF. In this field of activity, the professionals DDP assisted primary financial and industrial sectors as well as the public sector, managing over a total of over 5.5 billion debiting debts over time.

In particular, our company has gained specific expertise in Manufacturing, Agricultura, Food and Beverage, Renewable Energies, Luxury, Chemical and Real Estate fields, supporting both private and public subjects, even in this case, including corporate duties such as members of board of directors, agent of the operation, court liquidators, extraordinary administrators in the operation of Extraordinary Administration under Legislative Decree 270/99.

During the last years, DDP has also expanded its specialization, extending it to the restructuring of publicly-funded capital companies, both as financial advisor and as an attestation of recovery plans.

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