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Massimo De Dominicis

As founding and naming partner of the firm, he is Head of the Special Situation sector. He graduated from the University of Pavia in 1985 with a first-class degree and attended a Master’s in Administration, Finance and Control at FIAT-ISVOR and acquired professional experience at Arthur Andersen Consulting and Fiat Impresit. He has been qualified as Certified Public Accountant since 1987.

He has held a large variety of corporate offices, including the role of Court-Appointed Liquidator in Agreements with creditors and Extraordinary Administrator in Administrative Receivership proceedings pursuant to Legislative Decree 270/99.

He moreover advises banks, asset management companies and industrial groups of national and international repute in structured finance transactions, company valuations, the execution of financial and business plans, statutory declarations, expert technical consulting for corporate and financial matters both in criminal and civil proceedings and for arbitrations, including at international level.

He holds numerous offices in Boards of Directors and Boards of Statutory Auditors.

Under his guidance, the Special Situation sector has successfully managed restructuring and financial reorganisation operations amounting to a total global value of over €6 billion in debt in the last five years.

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Gianluca Donnini

Gianluca Donnini advises companies and groups, overseeing in particular national and international tax issues, consultancy and litigation in the fields of tax law and corporate law, with a special focus on extraordinary transactions.

His area of responsibility comprises, in particular, proceedings in national jurisdictions and courts of arbitration, where he holds the office of party-appointed or court-appointed expert witness on behalf of the Court of Milan, in the areas of intellectual property, finance, insurance and industry.

Recently, he has acquired specialised experience in the field of valuations of companies, business units and share capital equity packages.

He graduated in Business and Economics with a specialisation in self-employment in 1994 with first-class marks and ahead of schedule at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. He qualified as Certified Public Accountant in 1995.

After graduating, he worked for KPMG S.p.A. overseeing financial auditing and national and international tax, acquiring valuable experience in Italian and international accounting standards.

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Massimo Pratelli

As founding and naming partner of the firm, he is Head of the Corporate sector. He graduated in Socio-economic Studies, has obtained specialised Masters’ at the Bocconi School of Management and is a certified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). He acquired his professional experience in close contact with the most important auditing firms. He has been qualified as Certified Public Accountant since 1991.

He has held numerous corporate offices in Italian and multinational companies, including listed companies, where he also held the role of external statutory auditor for important Public Institutions. He is founder and now member of the Ethics Committee of Step Italia (an international professional association that researches the application of trusts).

Among his responsibilities, he advises both companies and industrial groups of national and international repute concerning corporate transactions, merger processes, due diligence, structuring and organisation of group undertakings, family business transitions and trusts. He is an expert in corporate law, financial statements, accounting standards, company valuations and asset protection.

He is moreover an expert in the Non-Profit sector and dedicates particular attention towards philanthropic activities.

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Antonio Caravella

Partner of the Firm and provides his services primarily in the Special Situation sector. He obtained a first-class degree in Economics and Corporate Law at Bocconi University in 2001, and in the same year he began working for the auditing firm KPMG S.p.A. He is registered as Certified Public Accountant in Milan and is member of the Distressed Companies Commission established by the Milan Association of Accountants.

Currently, he provides his services to companies and groups, with particular focus on financial distress and corporate restructuring.

With experience that spans over 20 years, he has participated directly in numerous corporate restructuring operations, both as an Advisor and as Independent Reviewer, in the context of the many processes foreseen by bankruptcy law (pursuant to articles 67, 160, 161 and 182-bis).

He is, furthermore, member of many Boards of Statutory Auditors.